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Fleet Data … the Road to Better Fleet Outcomes

The great challenge facing every fleet manager is getting meaningful data and analysis about their fleet.

Why is it important to get this data? Simply put, meaningful data, and the subsequent analysis, means that the fleet manager has a better understanding of how the fleet is actually performing.

OK, but what we do mean by meaningful? From my experience, meaningful data is information that is relevant, timely and accurate. These are the key ingredients that enable fleet managers to measure, assess and report on the performance of their fleet, particularly as it relates to a pre-determined set of KPI’s.

Let’s not forget the well-known statement of “garbage – garbage out”. And in many cases, fleet managers are surrounded by rubbish data from the field that is either out of date, not very accurate and not appropriate to the primary requirements for assessing a fleet’s performance.

This has been a problem since the dawn of time. It’s almost a disease for which there seems to be little if any real time solutions. And this is the great challenge for fleet managers. I’m talking about fleets of both soft skins/white fleet as well as armoured vehicles.

The great challenge, and long overdue, is to use technology to meet the challenge of obtaining the real time data from the source and getting into the fleet management system and data base promptly and in a way that the systems can then perform as they are designed and deliver meaningful analysis and reports for all the stakeholders.

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