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Winter will soon be here... It time to check your tyres!

While we are all trying hard to enjoy the sunny autumn weather, now is a right time to think about the coming winter season and how your armoured vehicle will have to perform in the cold, wet and even snowy road conditions.

The primary consideration, as always, is that your vehicle must be "fit for purpose" and so provide a safe means of moving and protecting your principals and staff.

Among the many issues that you need consider, the condition of your tyres is critical. Remember, tyres have a shelf life of around 5 years, but their operational life very much depends on the kilometers you travel, the prevailing road conditions, environmental conditions and of course, how the vehicle is driven. For sure, unsurfaced and pot holed roads are going to reduce the life of your tyres. So too would be if your vehicle is used in the hot desert sun you get in places like Iraq. So the bottom line is that there is no standard time to replace your tyres.

What is important is that you regularly check the condition of your vehicle's tyres both for wear as well as damage. The last thing that you want is to suffer a tyre blow out while you are miles from anywhere or traveling done the road at 100 kph.

So check your tyres today ...... and be safe out there.

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