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Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs, Workshop Audits, Driver Training
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Vehicle Inspections

Full armoured vehicle inspections covering vehicle, mechanical and mobility performance; and also blast and ballistic protection.

Importantly, we offer our clients armour inspection by qualified and expert weld inspectors certified under :

  • Certified Welding Inspector as defined by American Welding Society QC1:2016- AMD1:2018

  • Certified Tester – Liquid Penetrant Testing Level 2 as defined by the American Society For Nondestructive Testing ( ASNT )

Civilian and Military Armoured Vehicle Inspections
Vehicle Inspections
Civlian and military armoured vehicle maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

We have scheduled maintenance regimes for all armoured vehicles that have been proven in the field to save money.


Also, we only recommend and use approved mechanical workshops that have the specialist working knowledge of armoured vehicles.


This provides you with peace of mind that your vehicle will always be in the best-prepared state and condition.

Scheduled Maintenance

Ad Hoc/Urgent Repairs

We can assess, quote and supervise all urgent mechanical and blast/ballistic repairs for your armoured vehicle through our international network of approved workshops. Where necessary, we will also liaise back to the original uparmourer.

Armoured vehicle repairs and maintenance
Ad Hoc/Urgent Repairs

Spare Parts Procurement

We have access to all the OEM modified parts used by all the major international uparmourers.


In addition, we can source and supply heavy duty suspension and brake systems that are fully approved for the heavier weight of the uparmoured vehicle.

Armoured vehicle spare parts
Spare Parts Procurement
Armoured vehicle workshop inspections

Workshop Inspections and Audits

If you are a fleet manager, transport officer or perform any other function that interacts with your organisation’s fleet of vehicles, having the right workshop to service and support your vehicles is CRITICAL.


We conduct independent workshop reviews and audits so you get expert advice on the suitability of the workshop.

Workshop Inspectons
Armoured vehicle driver training

Driver Training and Vehicle Familiarisation

Knowing how to operate the armoured vehicle is critical.


Without proper training, the vehicle is a high risk asset and unsafe to use. We provide extensive armoured vehicle familiarisation training for new staff and driver training for all personnel who use the vehicles.

Drive Training/Vehicle Familiarisation
Armoured vehicle procurement

Vehicle Procurement

The primary concern of all those who procure armoured vehicles is to make sure that the vehicle that is bought is "fit for purpose".

This means that the vehicle's protection & mobility capabilities are suited to the user requirements, missions scenarios and physical operating environment.

We can assist you in this assessment. technical review and procurement to make sure you get the vehicle you want and not buy what someone wants to sell you.

Vehicle Procurement
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